Information for Prospective Undergraduate and Graduate Researchers

Interested in Joining the Throop Lab?

We are always happy to talk with prospective undergraduate and graduate students who are interesting in joining our Dryland Ecosystems research team.

For undergraduate students at ASU:
Our interdisciplinary team includes undergraduate researchers from both the School of Earth and Space Exploration and the School of Life Sciences. We support undergraduate research in the lab through several different mechanisms including volunteer opportunities, academic credit, senior/honors theses, and paid positions. There are several formal undergraduate research programs on campus that you may be eligible to apply for (e.g., Arizona Space Grant,; School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research, -- check also with your undergraduate advisor for an up-to-date list of research programs).

If you are interested in exploring opportunities to work with us, please email Dr. Throop to discuss your interests. It is most helpful if your email contains:

    For prospective ASU graduate students:
    Graduate students in our team have the opportunity to enroll through MS or PhD programs in the School of Earth and Space Exploration ( or the School of Life Sciences ( Graduate students in these programs typically receive financial support through a combination of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and competitive fellowships (e.g., NSF pre-doctoral fellowship). Successful applicants will have relevant prior research experience and clearly articulated research interests that align well with our ongoing research.

    If you are interested in discussing options for graduate research in the lab, please email Dr. Throop to initiate discussion. It is most helpful if your email contains: